Terry Brown.

English martial arts (rank maister/chief instructor) 32 years study

Beggars Art kung fu (rank, sifu). 44 years study

Khong Chang (Black belt 2nd Dan). 13 years study

Founder of the modern-day Company of Maisters of the Science of Defence

Author of:

English Martial Arts (Anglo-Saxon Books, March,1997)

A paper on ff.84-85 of Harleian 3542 (a middle-English verse describing the use of the two hand sword, November, 2009 )

Many martial arts magazine articles (see articles sections).

Fight choreographer, stunt fighter, historical consultant in various stage and television productions.


Spilt Blood, Carlton Television.

Combat Club, Channel 5.

Bare Knuckle Boxer, Channel 4.

Worst Jobs in History, Carlton Television.

Your Shout, Carlton Television.