Official Instructors


Terry began his martial arts training 45 years ago (1967) in Singapore when he enrolled in the Fong Yang Athletic Association to study Fong Yang kung fu (the Beggars Art) and Khong Chang (Open Palm) which was also known as Chinese karate. After three years of training Terry was made a disciple of Sifu Tan Siew Cheng the master of the Beggars Art which earned him access to sifu Tan’s disciples classes.
Upon returning to England in 1970 Terry was appointed the UK chief instructor of both the Fong Yang kung fu system and of sifu Tan’s Khong Chang system. Shortly after his return to England Terry’s Fong Yang association was granted membership of the British Kung Fu Council. Over the next years Terry was appointed to the following roles: Honorary Secretary of the British Kung Fu Council; General Secretary of the European Kung Fu Union; BKFC International Referee; South East England Sports Council Representative; Delegate to the Martial Arts Commission of Great Britain. Terry was to return to Singapore on a regular basis until the death of sifu Tan in 1996.
In 1980 Terry began researching England’s indigenous martial arts which led, in 1997, to the publication of his book English Martial Arts. Since its publication Terry has also published transcriptions of folios 84-85 of Harleian 3542. (A verse describing the use of the Two hand Sword). He also succeeded in transcribing the previously undecyphered final three sections of Additional ms. 39564 (The Ledhall roll of two hand sword instructions)/>

Provost Chris Myers started his martial arts training 32 years ago in Okinawan Shuri-ryu in (Summer of 1980) under the tutelage of Master Lemuel Miller. (Mr. Miller was trained by the late Hanshi John Pachivas).
Chris’s training also included jiu-jitsu and ranking in kobudo (weapons). During his younger years Chris was involved in the sport karate tournament circuit in Florida and was ranked 3rd place in forms and weapons and 6th place in sparring.
Chris was chief instructor for Mr. Miller’s Tampa, FL dojo during the late 1980’s. He has also had additional training with the late Hanshi Ridgely Abele Columbia SC, Shuri-ryu and in Shotokan Karate, with Sensei Timothy Casper, Aikido with Darrell Tangman, Close Quarter Combatives with Hock Hochheim, and kickboxing with Master Joe Lewis.
Mr. Myers has been training in the English Martial Arts under Maister Terry Brown’s tutelage since 1999 and obtained Provost rank in the Company of Maisters in October 2009. He is the Director and Chief Instructor of the American Chapter of the Company of Maisters and runs the only licensed academy in America sanctioned by Maister Terry Brown, The American Academy of English Martial Arts and a satellite club in Sonoma, CA. (
Additionally Chris holds a Masters degree in Natural Health, he is also a Physician Assistant in Internal Medicine and Spinal Cord Injury at the Veterans Administration – Augusta, GA. Additionally he has a ten year history in sports medicine and Orthopaedic surgery and training as a certified strength and conditioning specialist./>

Provost Robert Crane’s martial arts training began in 1990 with Kali/Escrima which he studied until 2005 during which time he qualified as an instructor and taught these arts around Hertfordshire.
Robert also fought in competitions both in the UK and abroad; he won the 1995 Corby UK WEAKAF Light-Heavy competition and was the silver Medalist in the Advanced Middleweight division at the 1997 Copenhagen Open. Robert has also studied and trained in Systema, Ninjitsu, and Thai boxing.
In 2001 Robert was issued a licence by Westminster council to work as a door supervisor and began work as a doorman at the Kiss Fm radio station opening night at a nightclub in North London; he continued working there for 2 years before he set up his own construction business which is his full time occupation to this day.
Provost Crane began studying English martial arts in 2005 when he joined the Company of Maisters. In 2007 he opened a club in Cambridge, England, teaching English Martial Arts under the guidance of Maister Terry Brown. Robert played his provosts prize in January 2012.

Stuart Stincer is a Provost in the Company of Maisters of the Science
of Defense. In 2005, he joined the Company and began his training
under instructor Chris Myers in the United States.

In February of 2009 Stuart had the great pleasure of training in
London with the head of the Company of Maisters, Maister Terry Brown.
He also fought for his prize and was awarded the rank of Free
Scholler, becoming the 2nd American to advance to that status.

In March of 2013 Stuart traveled again to London. He fought against
all those that answered the call and became the 2nd American to attain
the rank of Provost. He was also given by Maister Brown his official
license to teach English Martial Arts.

Stuart is a History major and Political Science minor with a passion
for early Roman Britain through the English Civil War time period.